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Protect Your Business

business tips Mar 17, 2020
By now, your news and social media feeds are flooded with one and one thing only: COVID-19. It is anxiety inducing and can be crippling for your business. I want to remind you to take a deep breath, sit down, and figure out a plan of action. Focusing on the stress won’t get you in forward action. 
I'm grateful to have 30+ years of experience to get me through this season. I wanted to take some time and share some of what I've learned with you because I believe that we need each other to get through this. 
The biggest thing I would recommend for you, if you haven't already done it yet, is to save, save, save. Having an emergency fund to tide you over for 3-6 months is important for a solid business continuity plan for small business. If you don’t have one, start today because it's not too late! Take a look at your financial position and ask yourself, how much do you need to maintain a positive cash flow each month? Use that as a starting point...
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