About Me


I’m proof that absolutely anyone can create a business that is something to enjoy and be profitable.


After a successful career of 30+ years the floral industry, I realized I had a knack for marketing, selling and creating profit in multiple businesses.

Everybody needs a “go to” person to count on. Someone who is resourceful, shrewd & seasoned. Someone who is a game changer with a legacy of credentials & success.

I want to be that person for you! With a listening ear & a wise heart, I'm a problem-solver and puzzle-lover.

With my deep roots and strong influence in the floral & event industry, I understand what it takes to overcome the challenges of today’s marketplace. I want to bring you an enlightened approach and knowledge that it takes to be successful with today’s consumer.

I'm a lifelong entrepreneur with a foundation of family legacy and creative fire in my heart. Humble beginnings in a basement became the eventual success of Bergerons (with retail and event design), a location in the historic Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC, AIFD  and EMC accreditation.

Currently, besides running the Floral Business Academy, I am a  partner of the well-respected international EMC program focusing on training others in the floral industry to be conscious creatives.

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