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What if your business numbers told
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It has happened for many entrepreneurs just like you
AND, it can happen for you too.


Taking your current profit and having it doubled, provides that injection of confidence that nothing else can give. And, when you do it without having to spend additional money on advertising OR marketing, I can tell you the relief that floods over you washes a lot of fear down the drain. 

Waiting around for something to change and not knowing what to do will only leave you continually searching. Making a choice to add more money to your bottom line (in your pocket) is freeing.
Having that freedom sooner than later is so much better.

Time and time again, our federation of coaches have seen results from their clients that would leave you speechless! Doubled, even tripled business profits from helping their clients implement small changes throughout their businesses. 

Did you know that implementing just 12 of these strategies, at a 1.4% change will double your profits?
Yes, it does! More on that later...

Let’s look at Barbara, who owns a floral business in Ohio. She has a shop in a small town and was struggling. It was more than just recovering from the pandemic. She had seen less walk-in traffic, less online sales…she was even worried that she may have to just shut down completely
because she was tired... 

Tired of working long hours, for many years, and not having anything to show for it.

Fast forward six months ago to today, she’s put only a handful of these strategies into place from our coaching in Propel and seen her business turn around - and not just with the 12% net profit margin increase we had been shooting for, but a 25% increase! 25% PROFIT increase -
not just revenue increase, that is PROFIT!

She’s already more than doubled last year’s profit margin.

Can you imagine what that has done to her peace of mind... her livelihood... her stamina?

Do you think that she’s less stressed?

Do you think that she's less overwhelmed? 

You betcha!

And this is just a snippet of what floral entrepreneurs can do when putting the strategies into action.



Let’s look at a few big picture strategies, that when well-implemented, will change the trajectory of your business and help you double your profits...


Getting people to find you in a sea of businesses
that do exactly what you do. 

There will always be people that do what you do in your niche. So it’s really about setting yourself apart and knowing what makes you different and “sticky” to attract your market.  

And there’s one thing that most businesses miss right off the bat…
only marketing to the “right now” buyers.
Check out this graphic below:





Did you know that “now” buyers make up less than 1% of shoppers? 
The vast majority of buyers start on the left side of the Buyer's Journey...
and slowly progress to the right side.


They analyze the benefits of the product or service they are considering for purchase
will provide to them (make money, gain pleasure).

They encounter specific objections as to why they shouldn't buy
(too expensive, not convenient, too much hassle).

When they finally reach the NOW BUYER section, they've decided they will buy the product or service, and now they need to decide WHO to buy it from
(chances are there are multiple competitors all vying for the exact same prospects).

What are 99% of prospects are searching for? 


And yet, 99% of businesses don't offer any form of information at all -

just their phone number which attracts only


When you take the time to re-evaluate your position in the marketplace based on that information you attract more prospects. You get the opportunity to see more objectively what’s working and what’s not working in your marketing. Especially when you know that you are filling a need that the rest of your competition isn’t even addressing. 

And there’s so much more to growing LEADS itself.

It’s about developing collaborations with other businesses that enhance what you do,
how you incorporate referrals,
developing publicity for your business,
your digital marketing presence,
direct response marketing
and lastly, advertising. 

As you can see, there are a lot of opportunities that even come before buying advertising too. 


Just think about the times where you are busy and it feels good knowing that business is bringing in customers, and you are able to make ends meet, and more. Imagine what that would feel like if you were doing that on a regular basis, not just around holidays?

And what would having more leads coming into your business mean for you?

More leads means more potential customers, which can directly translate into higher sales
and revenue for your business.

With a larger pool of leads, you have the potential to expand your customer base and increase your market share. This growth can lead to increased brand recognition and a stronger presence
in the floral industry.

And not only that, it secures your competitive advantage and will give you the ability to collect valuable data to create more targeted marketing, offers, and better understanding of your customer’s needs. 

Attracting more customers that weren’t aware of you before adds to your visibility and exposure in your market. And provides you with the opportunity to tap into various demographics, and interests and help diversify your customer base.

Since you have a genuine passion for flowers, seeing your business generate more leads can bring a deep sense of fulfillment and joy for what you do. And it gives you more opportunity to showcase your creativity and skills. After all, isn’t this why you got into the business anyway?

Once you’ve got the leads coming in, you’ve got to convert them, right?

This is where working out your offers and then developing them into compelling propositions will increase your profits.

I remember early in my floral business when I was just starting with wedding proposals. I thought that coming in as one of the least expensive vendors was going to get me the business every time.

What I didn’t realize was that not only was I hurting my bottom line;
I was hurting other hard-working florists as well. 

When I would randomly take the time to review the outlay of expenses and costs for doing the wedding, I realized that I was working extremely hard and not showing much
in the bank account at the end of the day.

That’s when I switched from having a hobby to running a business. 


Looking at a survey taken in early 2023, they shared that
the #1 priority that customers value is CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE (or CX).
Not only that, they said this is likely to be the trend for over the next 5 years. 



It beat out pricing for the third time in a row!
In fact, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.


And, here’s more information for you to think on:  According to research from PWC (PriceWaterhouseCoopers), the more expensive the item, the more they are willing to pay.

For example, customers are willing to pay a price premium of up to 13% (and as high as 18%) for luxury and indulgence services, simply by receiving a great customer experience.” 

Hmmm… does that strike a chord with you, especially if you are designing events and weddings?  

Getting more sales directly results in increased revenue for your floral business.

This financial benefit allows you to invest in business growth, improve your operations, expand your offerings, and ultimately increase your profitability! 

You’ll find that it will provide you with a more solid foundation, stability and long-term sustainability.

With that constant stream of revenue, you’ll be able to cover those expenses, reinvest into your business and most importantly, weather economic fluctuations and challenges that you don’t foresee.

And one big benefit is that you’ll enjoy improved cash flow. We all know that it can help our day-to-day operations making it more efficient to run your business. 

You’ll enhance your brand recognition since more sales equals more customers appreciating their customer experience and telling others about your products and services.

This can lead to positive reviews and an overall stronger brand in the market.

Giving you a competitive advantage that demonstrates your ability to meet customer needs,
maintain quality and provide that superior customer experience. 

Imagine what having more sales will evoke for you…

It signifies that all your effort and hard work are paying off.
It will give you peace of mind, self-confidence, and elevate that sense of pride
you have for your business. 

It gives you the opportunity to take a few deep breaths and realize that you’ve built something that works. Increasing sales can positively impact your floral business on multiple levels, including financial success, market growth, and personal fulfillment.


Having systems doesn’t just solve in-house problems,
it drives sales.

Author and sales expert Mike Schultz says that one of the 3 levels that differentiate those who make a sale and those who don’t is having systems in place that will help drive...
and collaboration. 

Having processes and procedures around booking appointments, adding on more products and services (not just your own, but even those you have through other collaborations), knowing how to downsell when the client isn’t ready to buy your first offer, and even creating more frequency of purchases are just some of the systems you can put in place to grow your business. 

Even building out your team is a process in and of itself where you get to put a system in place. Often I find that what a client thinks they need a team member for, a system can replace that for a short time. And once the growth happens to create revenue for the team member,
you have the system already in place! It’s such a magical thing when it all comes together. 


What having systems in place means for you is….

You’ll be able to scale faster.

You’ll be more efficient.

You’ll be able to make decisions faster and with more information.

You'll enhance your customer’s experience.

You’ll have more targeted marketing with better results.

You’ll have reduced stress and overwhelm.

You’ll be more confident and professional.

You’ll have more personal growth and stay ahead of the game of business.

You won’t have to be wearing all the hats.

Imagine waking up six months, a year…even consecutive years from now, seeing more revenue come into your business. And not just the revenue but more $$ in your bank account that yields better profits…

You feel excited about the future of your business.

And that’s why…following the Profit Acceleration Blueprint with Propel Coaching,
you can grow your business and double your profits…
we guarantee that you’ve never seen anything like this to apply to your business.



Here's what I know...

After being an entrepreneur for over 35 years,
most of us feel like we're "doing" the business all alone.

I know I did.

I often would wish that I had someone else to help me...
create the systems,
figure out what needs to get done next,
find what areas really need improving on,
implementing them,
and knowing it's working.


That's why I have the Profit Accelerator Blueprint within Propel Coaching.







Take a look at this video and see just a snippet of what I'm talking about... 


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