What if your numbers told a different story?
A story of compounding growth and accelerated profits?

Most business owners focus on building revenue. 

Building profits is what feeds your family...
and few entrepreneurs understand how to build profit without building revenue.

This video will explain how you can do this! 

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Hey there, I'm Christi – the creative mind who's no stranger to burning the midnight oil over a design, hunched over a sketchpad, or immersed in the operations.

Because I've walked the often exhilarating, sometimes tough road of an entrepreneur myself, I get it. The blend of chasing your artistic dreams while tending
to the nitty-gritty of business – it's a journey I know well.

See, I've come to realize that running a successful business doesn't have to mean constant stress and sacrificing all your hours. It's about finding that sweet spot where creativity and commerce shake hands. And guess what? You're not alone in this voyage.

If you're a fellow small business owner seeking a path to efficiency, growth, and unleashing your creative flair, let's connect. Dive into my world through my YouTube channel, Podcast - Business Success for Creative EntrepreneursBooks - Propel Your Profits, The Profit Driver Unleashed or Financial Mastery, where I share the stories, strategies, and insights that can light up your own path in the business world.

Let's navigate this adventure together and make your business thrive –
the smart, creative way.

 It’s nice to meet you!
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Looking for professional help to build and gain more revenue and profit in your business? Are you in the floral, wedding or event industries? There are several different ways to do coaching with me! 

I've got fast 90-day options, 1-to-1 coaching options, as well as group coaching. 


The Online Learning Academy is a great place for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to grow their revenue and increase their profits. It provides expert knowledge, the flexibility of learning at your own pace, and a structured learning path to help you reach your goals faster.


Elevate your floral business resilience with our Monthly Lunch & Learn Workshops! In just 50 minutes, we're serving up actionable insights that empower floral entrepreneurs like you to thrive, no matter the circumstances. Join us to uncover essential behind-the-scenes strategies.


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There are Two Types of people...

1. Those who sit and watch their dream pass them by, and

2. Those who go forth and bring their vision to life.

If you're the second type of person, we're bound to be friends!

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