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Hi, I'm Christi.

I help florists confidently unleash their creativity in design and run a profitable and efficient business.

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Financial Stimulus Available through SBA!

The Federal Government in the US has granted the CARES Act AND the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). To find out a few more details, you can download each tip sheet below!

CARES ACT (SBA) tip sheet!

Sure-Footed Business Knowledge

Whether you are a seasoned designer or just getting started in your floral design endeavors, you need to know how to run your floral business. I've got you covered!

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Basic Floral Design

You want to dive into learning how to design flowers, but all the YouTube DIY videos aren't cutting it! 
Knowing you need to learn the mechanics behind it is just the start.

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You Have Countless Questions that Need Answers

Did you ever wish that someone would give you the how-to's on what you need to do to be efficient and profitable in your florist business? Learning from others is the best way to grow exponentially!

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My Flower Care & Handling Cheat Sheet

This handy downloadable Cheat Sheet is perfect to print and put next to your processing area! Don't worry, it's FREE!

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C&H Cheat Sheet

More Offerings to Help Your Floral Cravings!

Floral Certification Program

If you are a new designer or even a seasoned designer and you want to take your career to the next level,  EMC is for you!

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The Floral Workspace
A DC Co-Working Space

Washington DC's first co-working space designed solely with the florist in mind!

What's It All About?

Floral Success Institute
Floral Business Mastermind

The Ultimate Mastermind experience geared to the floral industry.

Put Yourself in Action

is to provide you the tools you need
to learn about the floral industry
from a creative design perspective 
and also equip you to succeed
with business knowledge.

Basic Floral Design Intensive

An in-person comprehensive hands on approach to floral design through learning the design principles and elements, color theory, and cut flower care and handling.

You won't question your ability to arrange flowers after you learn the basics through the study and hands-on skills learned in this course.

Create gorgeous table centerpiece designs, wedding bouquets and sympathy expressions.

Choose colors and flowers with confidence.

"As a self-taught floral designer new to the industry, I’m so thankful I found Christi. She graciously guides me through my many questions and gives me practical support as I order. I appreciate Christi’s “community over competition” outlook and haven’t met a florist so openly and humbly willing to help, until now. I have greatly benefited from her expertise and wisdom and look forward to learning even more!"

I'm so thankful I found Christi...
Ciara, Owner of She Blooms

"In Christi you will discover the extraordinary combination of passion and intelligence pertaining to all things floral. I am proud and pleased to have her as a co-shareholder at EMC International bvba. She brings joy and professionalism to every endeavor. Her positive personality opens every soul. I highly recommend working with her."

Tomas De Bruyne
International Floral Artist & EMC, Founder

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