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The 5 P's of Progress

business resource Apr 14, 2020

I’m a huge fan of Amy Porterfield and inside her Momentum Membership last week, she introduced the 5 P’s to us to contemplate and act upon during and after this crisis. Although, after listening and acting upon these 5 P’s all week, I realized that this is really something I should look at every quarter in my business. 

I want to share them with you and apply them to some ideas within the floral business realm. Just food for thought. I’d love your feedback if you find it helpful! I also made a worksheet for you to use if you want to use it. You can download it here.

First “P”, is PIVOT. Now if you’ve listened to me on my Instagram chats for the past few weeks, this is one word I’ve already been using. It’s key when we something happens in our business that may throw us off track. Pivoting is something that I’ve enacted many times over the years. By pivoting, I mean to take an honest look at your business and see if...

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