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business resource May 11, 2020

DONE---spell it out with me: D.   O.   N.   E.    DONE.

What in the world is Christi talking about now? I can hear you now, “Is she sounding off about something?” or “Has she finished something monumental?” or maybe you just don’t care? That’s okay too. ;)

This acronym is the Follow Through Formula that Marie Forleo talks about in B School. I took this course over the last two months (now, don’t go weird on me, B School stands for “Business” School). She introduced this formula before the course started and it’s been golden for me the past two months. So much that I’ve been talking about with just about everyone I’ve had an opportunity to chat with (not face-to-face, people--I’ve practiced my “social distancing” skills!). 

So, what is the Follow Through Formula, you ask? 

Well, I’m soooo glad you asked!

It’s all about finishing what...

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Feeling Stuck is a Choice

business Apr 27, 2020

This current climate shrouded in COVID 19 is keeping people “stuck”--stuck at home, stuck without income or work, stuck with people or family, stuck in time. But, I’d like to say that this is just a matter of your mind--feeling “stuck” that is. 

Often we seem to get lost in thought and head down the path of “woe is me”. Now, what I’m about to say may be a bit controversial. I’m not trying to start a riot here. I’m only giving you another framework for your mindset. What if we took those feelings of being “stuck” in our situation and turn it into something that gave us "action"? 

  • We get to look at the sky, breathe different air, hear the sounds of stillness. 
  • We get time to take a walk, eat differently, and be more active.
  • We get valuable time with our family and loved ones.
  • We get some opportunities to reach out and make an impact on others. Those opportunities that we don’t have...
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