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What can EMC do for me?

emc Feb 17, 2020

What can EMC do for me?

Last week, I talked about European Master Certification (EMC) and how I got started with them. Some of you may be wondering, "if I sign-up for EMC, what can it do for me?"
Let's have a talk about what it's done for me both in the retail side of designing and in the events side of designing.
First of all, there is a study of nomenclature that is beyond words! You have to know your medium you are working with, am I right? If you don't know about the flowers and plants you are working with, how can you take care of them the best way? The in-depth study of the flowers, foliage, and plants is second-to-none. I would venture to say to ask any EMC graduate what was one of the biggest challenges they had, they would tell you the Nomenclature Assignment! BUT, that said, I have a reference that is beyond compare when it comes to knowing how best to care and handle the flowers I like to work with and even those that I hadn't worked with before....
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EMC is coming to Washington, DC!

emc Feb 07, 2020

If you've been following me on social media for awhile, I'm sure you are probably thinking by now, "what's all this woo-woo Christi's talking about?". Well, joining the European Master Certification (EMC), gave me confidence in knowing why I design the way I do and how to do it efficiently and beautifully as well as learning the principles and elements of design.

A few years back, I had welcomed Hitomi Gilliam AIFD to teach a three-day intensive here in the DC area. She and I had some time to spend together before she flew out and she talked about this amazing course that she and Tomas De Bruyne were working on~bringing the ultimate in floral design to North America: The study of European Floral Design! Have you ever had one of those moments where someone is talking and you just start daydreaming of what it would be like to do what they were talking about? Well, my friends, that was one of those moments. It's like an angelic glow came over her and I was mesmerized for the next 30...

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Why I went for my AIFD, but got me EMC first!

Next month I will be inducted into the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD). After testing last July in Seattle, Washington I was awarded my CFD (Certified Floral Designer) designation and tested high enough to get my AIFD. Participants have to wait until the following year for the induction ceremony. It's been a long year of waiting, and I am very excited!

You may ask, why did I wait so long? For the past six years, I had a second location at The Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC. Having two places took all my focus, and I couldn't get back into the realm of the floral industry that I! I declined the additional 5-year contract at the hotel to get back to my roots in a single studio and being active in the education of flowers again.

In addition to the second location keeping me from focusing on studying, the annual AIFD Symposium falls on my wedding anniversary every year. This isn't exactly how my husband wants to spend time together for our anniversary...

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