You have a Custom Fingerprint.

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What do you bring to the table that no one else has? 

 It’s YOU! Only you have your own custom fingerprint. 

 If you have taken my Wedding Brand Bootcamp before then you know I say this all the time. You want to stand out in the industry and make a name for yourself. Put your stamp on the business and designs that make you who you are. 

 People choose your business~your brand, because of you!

So, how do you own your own voice/signature style/brand?

We have to decide to tell people our story so that we attract our own audience. I like to call it our own ENTOURAGE. Doesn’t that sound cool? Having an entourage of people who know, like, and trust us? Trust that we deliver what we say we are going to do?

 Now, it’s important to remember, there is a difference between being humble and downsizing your achievements. I don’t ever want you to downsize your achievements! 

 Being humble is where it’s at! No one likes haughty people...when was the last time you enjoyed hanging out with someone that was always talking about how wonderful they are? Or how much do you NEED them? 

You need to have a level of self-awareness. That perfect balance that pushes you out of your comfort zone AND talks about your achievements with a sense of respect and enjoyment. 

Learn to look at all of your achievements and accomplishments both in business and your personal life. You may think that it’s a shortlist, but I guarantee you that it’s way longer than you think! 

 You can do so much in a week, a month, and even a year! All of these skills and talents make up who you are and what type of person and business you have. It will unlock something within you. Then you can work on the strategy and growth that needs to happen within you to grow your own voice. 

 You are worth every step you take to share who you are and upscale in your business. Those are the things that you can share about yourself. 

 Here’s the thing, write down those things that you have accomplished. Make it your “brag list”. Then, update it every two weeks! When imposter syndrome comes knocking at your door, you can kick that to the curb! There are client wins that you are having ALL. THE. TIME. And, you won’t remember them if you don’t put them down pen to paper. 

Since the year I began, I’ve kept what I call a “Warm Fuzzy” file. 

Over the years, I’ve filled several file folders with hand-written notes from clients, my grandfather (whose entrepreneurial influence gave me the passion for what I do), and other special people and achievements I’ve received. Now, I even keep a board online where I post those notes. This is what keeps me going. A lot of those client notes turned into testimonials for my website! Keep these things front and center in your everyday life. There’s no room for imposter syndrome.

As you grow, so will your team. How do you transform the lives of the people you work with using your talents?

 Promote your team ~ Promote yourself. 

 When you are a leader, you promote others and lead your path. Position yourself in the place of service, then it’s not about you, but it puts this in the place of others. 

This was a hard lesson I had to learn. When I was finally able to grow a team outside of my mom and I. I wasn’t mature enough to realize that I had to promote them before me. It was the next level of leadership.

You can be a leader in your personal life and those are transferable skills to your workplace. You can be a floral entrepreneur and not be a leader. AND, you can be a leader and not be an entrepreneur. True leaders organize the team to get the work done at the end of the day. 

There’s a quote that I heard the other day and it bears repeating, “If serving is beneath you then, leading is beyond you.” Work on building your leadership status. 

As a floral entrepreneur, you’re a personal brand. You have to take control as a leader of your own company. It’s all in how you present yourself: 

the way you pick up the phone

the way you answer an email

the way you DM with someone

 Does it truly reflect who you are as a floral entrepreneur? You are a personal leadership brand; a consistent experience offline or online. Do they have the same experience across all platforms and when they meet you in person? 

 The higher we climb the ladder the harder we have to prove ourselves. When someone googles your name, what comes up? Take control of our narrative and personal brand and create it so that if you aren’t there to talk about you, the world will see it even when you aren’t there to speak for yourself. 

 I can never stress enough that you have to take your connection with people to a higher level by telling your story. And storytelling is different from sharing your private life. 

 It’s to select chapters of your life, those life experiences that share the good, the bad, and the ugly. When you are willing to share those chapters of your life, as long as what you give your audience, the more you can share. 

I was burning out and no one knew it. I had gotten to a place where I began to resent everyone that worked for me. All I was doing was driving back and forth between two stores, talking with clients to bring their vision to life, and then never getting to put my hands on the flowers so I could design. Truly, what this girl loves...the flowers, the designing. I mean that’s why I got into the business in the first place. It made me a stressed-out, but a successful entrepreneur. But this, my friend, wasn’t what I signed up for. I wanted more and I so wanted to rid myself of the person that I had become to my team. 

 I knew it was time for a change…

 And when I get that feeling, nothing can stop me. So, I made the changes I needed to win and survive so my business could thrive again. 

This is my situation, this is what I learned, this is what you can do to avoid it. 

This is just one of my many stories throughout my many years as a floral entrepreneur. 

 So, how does it serve my audience and how can they learn from it? 

This lets you know that as a floral entrepreneur your life will have some ups and downs, but you can grow from it.

Start implementing the experiences you can share today with your audience. 

Beyond teaching something to them about flowers, or weddings, or what you do, you will create a bond with them. They will want to continue to buy from you. 

Use your story to inspire them to take action. 

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