Landing Big Fish Clients: The Florist's Guide to Long-Term Success

Landing Big Fish Clients: The Florist's Guide to Long-Term Success

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Remember how in the last blog post we started talking about our journey into landing those big clients? Today, let's dive even deeper into the ocean of success and explore how to think like a big fish – a strategy that can work wonders for your floral business. Ready to reel in those game-changing opportunities? 

Think Like a Big Fish: Navigating Your Floral Path to Success

Before you can begin the process of landing big clients, you must make sure your entire team is on board with your approach and vision. There are six keys to realizing big client success. They are:

  1. First Impression: You must remember you only have one shot to land a big client. If you make a mistake, they aren’t going to consider you again. Never give them a reason to doubt your abilities.
  2. First Priority: Treat your potential big clients like precious treasures. Respond quickly, find solutions faster, and show them they're your top priority.
  3. Flexibility: Flex those floral muscles and adapt. If they need something special, consider the long-term gain and go the extra mile.
  4. Long-Term Thinking: This goes hand-in-hand with flexibility. As you are approaching and negotiating with big fish clients you need to consider the long-term benefits for your business. If you push for a one-off big score, you are sure to lose their interest and any future business.
  5. Have Fun: Work should be fun, even when you are trying to land big clients. In fact, this should be the most fun as you are sharing your vision with new people and involving them in your future success and vice versa. People simply work harder in a fun, happy environment. Your passion for your work is contagious and big fish clients will be drawn to your energy.
  6. Help Them: Offer them more than just flowers. If you take a little bit of time and offer your clients ways to save money or time by introducing them to potential business partners, they will feel as though you are really invested and interested in the success of their business. Strive to find the balance between your business needs and those of your clients.


But wait, there's more! Here are some tactics to turn your team into big-fish thinkers:

  • Display the six keys for everyone to see. It's like your navigation chart for success.
  • Create a performance-based incentive program to motivate your crew.
  • Gather the crew for frequent meetings. Share insights and keep everyone informed about the big fish strategies.
  • Have a "right now" policy for big fish calls – swift responses show your commitment.
  • Acknowledge and reward big-company ideas and their execution – it'll keep the momentum flowing.
  • Develop a training program rooted in those six keys. Turn your crew into savvy sailors of the big-fish seas.


With these keys and tactics, you'll cultivate a big-company mindset that'll fortify your floral business and make it unstoppable!

Feeling ready to dive deeper? If you need guidance on creating incentive programs or finding ways to ignite that big-company spark in your team, I'm here to help. Let's make your floristry dreams come true in a big, beautiful way! 🌼🐠

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