Your Maximized Business Mindset

business mindset clarity flower business Feb 08, 2021

What does it mean to have a “Maximized Business Mindset”?

There are some certain mindset shifts of many entrepreneurs that have million dollar businesses. And as one of those people too, I wanted to share some mindset shifts that happen in most of us in order to get us to where we want to be.

Now, you might not be looking to make a million dollars, but so much of this may still apply. 

#1 Their thoughts and actions are amplified by what’s already there…

Your spending habits right now the way you spend, the way you give will not necessarily change, it will be amplified. It will still be the same when you are making lots of money as it is right now. If money is tight right now, then money will feel like it’s tight then too. If you start to earn more and don’t adjust your spending habits now, then you will just experience the same-old same-old… money is not the answer.

Money won’t change the way you spend, save and give.

What I really want you to understand is BE. DO. HAVE. mindset on this one. NOT HAVE. DO. BE. What I mean is I want you to BE and build the business with million dollar goal in mind. Not, I will do this WHEN I have this or that. BUT-- I will do this BECAUSE I want it to be this way. 

You are looking for massive results, but may not be thinking about the ways you should be doing it. 

#2 They raise their standards frequently.

Which means that you will most likely need to become a different person. 

You may be happy with who you are right now, but you have to start to think. 

Who am I right now? 

You might even have to think about, "Do I need to change my standards of how I save money?" 

Or, even, "Who am I needing to be listening too or meeting with?"

What do I need to be doing to make the changes in my habits and life to get me to this goal?

How much money do I need to save? 

You may not even be saving right now, but then you decide to at least to start saving $50/month so you can start a new habit. 

Or, how do I want to work my business around being able to hire another person to help me out… You have to raise the bare minimum. 

#3 They don’t slow down in slow seasons.

There are always seasons in your business. Maybe you have downtime more in summer or right after the holidays. Just because you are breaking, doesn’t mean the business breaks. 

It’s okay if you take a break, don’t get me wrong. I get that, but your business shouldn’t be stopping, your revenue should still be able to come in/book that couple, book that event or strategically plan for your upcoming holiday promotions. 

Even in the pandemic, you won’t see me waiting it out, I plan on how to take advantage of the time I have...I need to take action now. I need to be proactive.

People would rather be reactive instead of proactive. That’s not how The millionaires think, "How can I take advantage of the “slow season”? When everyone else quits, what can I do to make this work for me.

Write a post-it note and put it on your computer or workstation… “This is my time”. When everyone else has given up or given in, you’re going to move forward and make the most of what you have the ability to do. 

Take advantage of the situation you are in…

For instance, while I’m working during the week, I use my phone to record questions for my coach or accountability group so that when the time comes, and my coach asks, I’ve got some time left do you have any questions? I’m there with questions ready to go! I want to take advantage of the opportunities to get info or’s my time to be forward thinking!

#4 They are realistically optimistic.

It’s the balance between fearfulness and opportunity. 

Let go of instant gratification. 

Stop expecting results tomorrow and realize that everything you do today will result in that compound effect--that snowball effect will pick up. 

I know florists that it may have taken them months to get something going and then all of a sudden it just takes off! It takes a key person to realize that for months they may not have seen results, and that they really are building that compound effect for the future. Constantly remind yourself that what I’m doing today is building my tomorrow.

Also, a big thing too is to watch how you perceive and explain something. I have a lot that I could complain about even just owning a business. I haven’t always had amazing days and I could go down that rabbit hole. I choose not to. I choose to say, this is what I’ve been given and this is how I will get it to work. Glass half-full vs. glass half-empty. 

The ones that are always asking questions because they can’t get this or that to work and just want to wastes time to be in negativity. When we stop this cycle, we actually have more time to get things done. Just work and you’ll see your progress...Don’t blame others for why you aren’t getting things done. Now, don’t get me wrong, you’re gonna have those moments when you just need to vent. Was that moment worth the time? If you are saying you don’t have time, I can’t do this. But I want you to do something that is going to move the needle forward. Prioritize. Don’t allow yourself to give yourself a pity party. Set a timer, do it for two minutes and then move forward.

#5 They are willing to do whatever it takes.

They are committed to do whatever it takes to get there. 

There may be temporary sacrifice or there may be actions you have to do in the moment that will get you where you want to go. 

Whether it’s having to get up an extra hour early or to put something on a credit card for a temporary time or even have work that you have to needle through to get to your goal. It takes work sometimes to get the number of clients or income needed. If you can’t commit to some extra work to get it done, then you just might not want it bad enough. 

#6 They have an abundance mindset

I could be coaching my competitors in this arena and I wouldn’t mind it. 

So, what I’m trying to say is we aren’t the only people designing! 

There is enough room for all of us. We could all be in this and it would be okay. There is so much out there. If you are so afraid of someone else stealing your idea, I bet it’s already there. 

You know how I know it? Sometimes, I will think that I’ve gotten a great idea and I go online and start to look at a domain name to buy it, and I go, darn, someone already thought of that! There’s nothing new under the sun! BUT, there isn’t another you and the way you’ll put your spin on it. 

Your focus is on the wrong thing

This is the same thing that happens when we are always looking over our own shoulder at our competitors. 

Winners focus on winning. - Michael Phelps

So, you need to ask yourself. Who am I being right now?

If you are focusing all on your competition and what they are or aren’t doing, You have to let that go. We can all win!  

I’ve had moments early on when I wasn’t this way or I’ve also had other team members work with me that come in with that mindset. I had to pass my mindset on to my team.

#7 They are a balance of a saver vs a spender.

They avoid consumer debt like the plague. For instance, I’m not going to Target and just put $500 on the credit card and not pay it off right away. But, would I buy a course that I’m going to learn from and work to pay it off? Absolutely. Looking at two different thoughts: Expenses vs. Investments

Know the difference. Who are you? A saver or a spender?

I’m really good at saving, but I’m a spender too. I will invest in things without being afraid to spend and see what will get me the best ROI. I just need to be wise about what I’m spending and how I’m paying it off. 

#8 They are strategic, not tactical.

When you think about this...there are visionaries and doers. As the CEO, we need to be visionaries and strategizing on what is happening in our business. The tactical things are putting things in motion. If someone else can do that for us at a lesser rate, then this is when we need to implement into our business. For instance, processing our flowers for events or on the daily. Is this something that you could hire for someone else to do for a lesser rate than what you are doing it for? What about your social media marketing? 

Now, I realize for some of you, you may not be at this point yet. And that’s okay. But I want you to be thinking along these lines as you are growing your business. There are certain workflows that you’ll be able to hire out for. I was guilty for so long early on for not using my time wisely. But when I finally opened my mind for expanding my team, was when I saw exponential growth.

I really want you to ask yourself, which one of these are really something you want to focus on this coming year? It might take you to a whole year to make one or more of these changes. You may have to build something before you outsource to someone else...You may have to undergo many changes before you see more and more changes.

#9 They focus on building their network.

Focusing on working and meeting the people that will move our business forward…

Go in depth and ask yourself, how can you be generous with your time to support people that you want to build a relationship with. How can I help you? What can I do for you? What do you need help with? Not in a fake way, please hear me on this…

No hidden agendas people! 

I would send out poinsettias to my top clients each year. It was something I would do because I appreciate them. What are you doing to set yourself apart and recognize current clients and meet new ones?

#10 They have million dollar habits.

Now, some people might differ with me about this. This isn’t something you have to do, but I am going to say that if you expect to have a million dollar business, you have to develop some habits that will amplify you.

The question is: Who are you today? AND, with today’s version, will you be able to scale? Are you running at peak performance? 

If I were to say, tomorrow we are running a marathon, are you ready? 

Have you done what it takes to be prepared for that?
It’s exhausting running a million dollar business. Heck, it's exhausting running a $100,000 floral business. It takes a lot of work, it takes takes so much focus and strength.

Will today’s habits get you there or is it time to change? 

Having a million dollar business, will only amplify who you are today. I was a spender before. I would just spend what I would bring in. And I was even doing that at a million dollars. 

It’s going to require that it will take a lot of you mentally, physically and emotionally. 

This is what I do and what other friends of mine do to get in that range.

If you want to see changes to get you there faster, here’s what I do:

Now, I eat healthier and I take walks...For the past 20 some years, I didn’t treat my body well at all. My body couldn’t handle what I was doing to myself. I was exhausted. I knew that if I was going to have to take better care of myself. Today I’m different about what I’m doing. 

If you are in peak performance for your week ahead, you are going to get this energy to get through it. You are going to give your body what it needs to perform. 

Are you owning who you are and who you want to be? Are you giving yourself the best or are you lacking what you need to be successful?

Sometimes it’s a lack of sleep, water or whatever it is to get you to your peak performance. The bigger the bank accounts that I typically see, the healthier the room. 

I sleep 7-9 hours a night. I know that the more I need to give during the day, the more I need to get in. I wasn’t always at this point. I used to work, work work and not rest. I realized late in my career to take care of my body. Realizing the health as a benefit for growing my business was one of the last things I did to help myself. 

Here’s the biggest takeaway, I didn’t change this when I got into the million dollar business, I made these decisions BEFORE and during the journey to get to a million dollar business. 

You get to decide. 

BUT stop having unrealistic expectations of how long or how much time weekly it will take to get there. 

Ideally is this is the question that I want you to answer:

What is my dream and what will it take to get me there?

It’s not about how much work you do, but it’s the quality of your work. 

Accountability- I could hold myself accountable yes, but do I do things better when other people know? Yes, When I have told my coach or accountability group...I’m better at keeping accountable.

Always learning - learning from others, programs...I want you to make sure that is always about what you are doing too.

Gratitude vs. lack - this has been tough with some of my clients this year and many florists that I watch this year. Some people cannot let it go. See that there are always some things to be grateful for...otherwise you are always going to be stuck and held back in what 2020 has done to you..

Goal-setting and visualization - know your goals for the year, quarter and month. If you are setting goals but they aren’t public or sharing them I encourage you to put them out there. 

Prepare and be intentional - winging is not effective. Last minute throwing things together. Even when I’m throwing things together I’m still prepared more than other people. But that still doesn’t give me permission to do it. 

We might be making it look good enough, but it could be so much better than last minute input. 

I hope this training was helpful! Maybe you can re=listen to this and pick just one of these things and make the changes, or even if you take more than one of all of these, you will exponentially bring in more business. It could be worth thousands of dollars or more. Some of you just heard exactly what you need to get you to the next level in your business.

Because it’s going to take more than having more traffic, more visibility, and more’s going to take a whole lot more than that.

Feel free to reach out and ask me any questions!

Thanks for taking action and being here with me.


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