Improving Your Team's Productivity

education floral business Jul 02, 2018

Ok, I'll admit it! I have a habit of listening to podcasts and videos in the background while I am working on the computer. (I'm a multi-tasker!) On this particular day, the interviewer had Tony Robbins on as a guest. She asked him about what things that most progressive people do that we might be missing to become successful. He went down a few points, and two caught my attention.

The first, "The best performers are focused on outcomes and not activities." Meaning the to-do list isn't the most important, especially if it encourages a failure mentality as it can be neverending. Yes! I hate to-do lists. Do you ever have this issue? Once I start the list, it goes on and on and on... I feel like it becomes a book. It really can make me stressed! Focusing on the outcomes...getting the event finished and delivered, spending time with family, creating a work environment that is pleasing to others. Those are the items to focus on--the activities will come as the outcome is the focus.

The second point that caught my attention was "that most important part of what they do is they leverage what they do, not delegate." He explained it like this. "Delegation is where I give it to you and when it doesn't work out, I'm pissed at you. Leverage is--I empower you. I'm still part of that, and I'm going to make sure you succeed. I'm going to follow-up. I'm going to touch base with you. I'm going to make sure you have the resources to succeed."

Delegating tasks to your team could set them up for failure.  Work to empower people to do it in a way that works for them. Give them the outcome that needs to happen, the why and then the how they can figure out while you work with them on it. This can break down into so many simple tasks. This builds the team that you are looking for.

Don't get caught in the trap of being too busy to explain what you need. You will find that your team will be more productive and can work with you when you describe the process. I know, I know...we often fall into the trap of thinking that we are the only ones that can do it right. I've done this a million times! I'm finding that as I put this into practice, I am more at ease with the job at hand and my staff isn't left wondering if they are doing it correctly. I want you to put this practice into place sooner than later!

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