how do you like your brand

How Do You Like Your Brand?

branding flower business starting a flower business Mar 29, 2021

Does it need a refresh? Do you resonate with it? Does it reflect your design style?

I had someone ask me, “How do I go about branding my floral business?”.  

I happily gave her a link to my Floral Brand Guide (feel free to download it too!) but it got me thinking...what’s my process when I start thinking about branding? Also, how did I know when I needed to refresh my brand? 

It’s such a great question, because it’s not just about the elements and assets; i.e. logo, colors, and fonts. I really starts with your thought process around what you want out of your business. 

So, I thought I’d share some thoughts to get you thinking about it.

Let’s start with some questions, so get your pen/pencil & paper OR just start typing the notes in your computer/phone. Either way, just put yourself in action (I love when you take action!).

  1. What products/services do you offer? Yes, I know you are a florist, but what do you offer? Do you solely focus on weddings and events? Are you about daily retail designing? Do you grow flowers? Or, do you concentrate on bouquet subscriptions? Maybe you’re a combination of all of these?
  2. Give 3-5 words that describe what you are…
  3. Give 3-5 words that describe what you are NOT…
  4. Who do you compete with? This is about looking at how you are different from them. What makes you stand apart?
  5. Our clients love us because…

Once you have some of these questions answered, you will then take some of the descriptives that came from it and build from there. Are there any words that stand out to you? If so, if you had to take the word and show something visual to describe it, what would that look like?

Is it strong? 

Is it fancy?

Is it lush?

Is it soft?

If your business were a season, which one would it be? Is it more like Spring or Winter? 

These may sound like strange questions, but if you were working with me on your brand, this is what I would be talking to you about. 

It matters. 

It matters because you want to attract the right clientele and the right attention to your business. This happens with a strong brand.

Then, once you’ve gotten that finished, we work on your Brand Story. We get into the meat of who you are and what you do! 

What is a Brand Story? 

A Brand Story is an interconnected narrative that brings together all the facts and feelings that are created by your brand (or business, if you prefer). Unlike traditional advertising, which is about showing and talking about your brand, a story motivates and stimulates an emotional reaction. It creates a connection with you. 

Many aren’t sure how to get that story out, so I created the Wedding Brand Bootcamp to help you. Even if you don’t specialize in weddings, this bootcamp will be incredibly helpful to you! I’ve just “branded” it for those floral entrepreneurs that do weddings.

How does it work?

The Bootcamp goes for 7 days! Each day we do an action item together as it builds the story of you -- your brand. The prompt will take about 30 minutes of your time.

But in the end, you’ll not only have your story, but you’ll have a framework to build more stories to elevate your brand. Because really, our story never ends, right? 

Let’s recap!

A brand is more than the assets it represents (font, logo, color palette), you start with the thought process around it. 

Answer the questions to get a better sense of who you are or what type of brand you want to show.

Then, create your brand story.


So, how do you like your brand?

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