Are You Unlocking Your Full Potential?

Are You Unlocking Your Full Potential?

business mindset floral business habits planning Sep 06, 2022

Here's a question for you...are you truly getting to your full potential?

That God given potential in your business, your income, your home life, your relationships?

Are you really getting to that untapped potential that you have?

I see a lot of entrepreneurs who want success and have reached some success but we're really feeling called to more - we desire more and it's the kind of thing that keeps us up at night. You're not a victim, and you're not that kind of person that's thinking everything is going wrong, and poor you. But you still are struggling at times, and you're trying to do it all. You're really working hard, you're hustling, you're doing all that stuff. But you feel like you're hitting a glass ceiling, that we as entrepreneurs can get and you keep feeling like I can't quite get through this. 

Often we can get trapped in this idea that to get more we have to do more. Brute force and hustle and push push push culture take over. We try to push our success into existence, we try to push our relationships into existence. And when we're trying to work at it that way we can actually start feeling limited, and like we can't get there.

This is even more true when it comes to female entrepreneurs who are trying to grow a business and do all the things while sacrificing things that are super important in our lives, for the idea that once I arrive to six figures or 1 million, then I have have achieved this definition of success and then I can show up in the way I want for my kids and family. Or then I can have these moments where then I can decide to do this. But those moments are slipping away.

And if you're like me, and a lot of the creative entrepreneurs I talk to, are in this boat - you have this push and pull, this back and forth. When you're working, you feel like you should be at home with your family, and when you're with your family you feel badly because your mind starts to wander and go to what's happening at work, or how you want to do this or that in your business.

You find yourself not being fully present for either when you need to be. It's in these moments that there is an urgency to lean into our untapped potential so that we can truly start crafting and creating a successful blueprint. And the good news is, you actually have access to that.

The difference between those who are living a limitless life with that limitless income and that limitless business growth in that limitless time and energy and those who feel limited and is there is not enough time. You don't have enough energy. You aren't where you want to be financially. You're not finding the business growing the way that you want it to.

If you've ever been in that place, I've got great news for you today. There is a systematic strategic success system operating in your mind that you may not have connected with yet and that will help you tap into this limitless potential within you.

Time to Slow Down

Take this blog post as a speed bump - an opportunity to slow down and start to create what success looks like for you. So many people are running and doing all the things, taking care of the house, taking care of their partner, taking care of the business, answering their clients, we're all trying to do all the things. And we're on that treadmill running as fast as we can. And at the end of the day, we can feel drained, empty, and there's not enough of us to go around. And that was never the life that you were intended to have. You are intended to have a life full of abundance here.

So that means you have an abundant life inside of you. And that operating system is there to tap into it. However, if you're like most of us, we aren't taught to access it.

The way we were taught is more of an outside in kind of perspective of success, where you have to ask for permission. Think back to school, we had to raise our hand to ask if we could go to the bathroom, right? But when you have to go, you have to go. But you had to raise your hand and say, may I go to the bathroom. Now we understand why these rules are put into place but we can also start to see that from very early on we are taught that we have to ask for permission, that we need validation from the outside in order to do what is natural to us. This then follows through into need validation from the outside in order to feel successful, if we get the grades we want, we feel like we've arrived and done our job. If we don't, then we feel like a failure.

We've been indoctrinated into this way of thinking, the outside in kind of model of success, and it's broken and it doesn't work. It leaves you tired, exhausted, and not really reaching that full potential where you can be. And you probably know you're in it, because it's what I call that stop start cycle.

We fall into this, if we fall into that stress success kind of model. We all start this business. And we all go into it on. We all go all in into this thing, figuring out how to design, how to do what you're doing, watch a bunch of videos, buy a few courses, sign up for workshops or retreats, follow a bunch of different influencers or gurus in the creative field, get your business started. And then it happens. You hit that roadblock. Because again, we're looking for someone to tell us we're doing it right.

Or maybe it's all working for us and we keep growing and growing but there is still a desire in you for this external validation and it's something that you can never really find. So we hit a speed bump and just stop - this often comes through in perfectionism and procrastination.

What starts to happen then is a cycle of us saying 'Well that didn't work, maybe I should start doing this' and we start looking for a different strategy or tactic or way we do business and decide to go in a different area of business.

And on and on the hamster wheel goes. 

We're tired because we're never getting anywhere. We're doing things and crossing things off of our list. And if we're honest, we're nowhere closer to the life that we want to live. And we are nowhere closer to this success that we will make us feel like we have arrived.

Getting Off The Hamster Wheel

Take a step back and ask yourself:

What does success look like for me?

What season of my life am I in right now and what are my priorities? 

For me, my focus right now is showing up for my husband, for my mom, who is at that age where she needs help, or being able to go and visit my grandson and help my daughter and her husband. It means having a life that I can be in charge of while working and helping other creative entrepreneurs have a life that they want to. And when I am working or spending time with family, it means that I am fully present, not wishing or wandering or looking into what I needed to do.

Truth be told, I love working in my business, and on my business. And I love doing what I get to do. It lights me up, but my definition of true success is being present and being available.

When I start thinking about my schedule and my plan, and what success means to me, I have to stay true to a certain cut off time. Each day, I get to look forward in my week and build out the time that will it will take to work on what I get to done for my clients and for my business growth.

There's that lie that we've been told, and I lived it for many years in my business. That lie is that we have to work harder, work longer and then success will be owed to me. And if you have believed that lie then you have untapped potential waiting within you, because if that were true, you would already have all the success that you need in your life.

But you don't and it's not true. 

Your brain was wired in a way that what it sees it believes to be true so we have to unpick all of this previous conditioning and teach it to see things in a new way before it will start to recognise the potential within you. You've been driving in first gear your whole life without even recognising it and now is the time to learn how to really unlock the operating system that you've had the keys to since you were born.

Go back to your journal and ask yourself ' What is the top peak of what you want to achieve if you unleashed the full potential of your business?'

Write it down, it may be a number or if not whatever that looks like for you. 

What does it look like when I arrive at success? In my business? How many clients are you serving? What kind of impact are you making?

Get that so crystal clear in your mind that there's no possibility for interpretation to slow you down, I want you to think about every single detail in that. And as you're writing that down, I want you to imagine you're there, you're at the top of that peak. And you've created that success, as it is defined for you that certain dollar amount that you've written down, and that certain impact goal that you wrote down. And guess what? When you hit that certain goal, yep, it changes.

So this is a habit, a practice, a way to level up from this potential to this potential to this potential and beyond stuff that you can't even see yet.

I want you to experience that full potential in your business and reach the success that you want. So again, what is success for you? What is limitless success for you in health and relationships? What is it for you and how you spend your time? Your energy? What is it for you in that environment that surround you? The list can go on.

This is where we start to create that blueprint for our mind to access by writing down what we want.

There's an urgency here, because the longer you don't do this, the more you stay stuck in this this toxic narrative that we've all been indoctrinated into.

So now is the time to instead say 'No, I was given an operating system to operate this and start to learn how and it begins by creating this success blueprint.' And with this blueprint, that acts like a key that starts the ignition to the car, our brain starts to propel us forward.

So today, I want to call you forward to living a successful life. And to start defining what success means for you, not what it means for the florist down the street, or the designer who seems to have it all together, or the person that you're looking up to. But what it means for you, the moment that you've arrived, you're there. 

And I want to challenge you today to start that process of unpacking it for yourself, start to craft your success blueprint so that when you add your unique fingerprint to it a clear blueprint will appear and start to come to life.

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