are you a geriatric millennial florist

Are you a "Geriatric Millennial Florist"?

business mindset clarity floral business sales and marketing May 21, 2021

Whoa! Say What?

Okay, I read this article about "Geriatric Millennials" the other day. 

It started with "You might be what they're calling...

...a 'geriatric millennial'."

Yep, I clutched my avocado toast in horror too...and then almost choked because I'm a PRE "Geriatric Millennial"!

It comes from an article I read, which gained popularity.

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical at first about what I was going to read...I mean I'm PAST that age group! What was it going to say about me???

Essentially, it was talking about how the millennials born between 1980-1985 know how to bridge the gap between the generations. So after a sigh of relief, I read further.

Turned out, it was a great read. I realized there was no need fall out of my "wheelchair" just yet!

You know what, though? It got me thinking...about our industry and, more importantly, us as floral entrepreneurs. Right now with technology moving at lightening speed, we often forget how to adapt ourselves and think for the future. How can we keep this from happening in our businesses?

As florists, we often seek out the latest trends in the floral design arena. Even checking out the latest "Pantone color of the year", staying in touch with the latest fashion trends, or even the latest botanical craze--those are the things that turn our head, right? 

But what about applying that to our business savvy? Are we taking the time to bridge our gap in how we are keeping up with, well, updated systems, automation, social media...?

I know, I floral entrepreneurs we wear SO. MANY. HATS. I know! I get it! But honestly, it's no excuse. You know that, right? If we spent as much time implementing strategies for growth as we do clamoring for being the first to post about the "Pantone color of the year", can we imagine where our businesses might be today?

Don't get me wrong, as someone who loves the arts, and seeing what's going on and implementing trends that please my clients and indulge my creative juices, I still love an immensely satisfying color palette. My argument is just to take a snippet of that time and put that attention on, let's say creative marketing or strengthening your brand.

What does it mean to implement "creative marketing" or "strengthen your brand"? 

It starts with analyzing your level of comfortability vs. your level of courage. 

Are you one to just ignore the social media world around you and just say "it's fine for others, but I'm not into doing is fine just as it is". Is it? Are you just tired? Are you burned out? Are you just looking for business to come to you? Is your business only attracting an older generation? 

Or, are you consistently looking for more ways to attract new clients? Are you looking at how you can learn how to do IG Reels? (Or maybe you don't even know what IG Reels are?) Taking the courage to step out and try new things...or adapt to how our clients want to be in touch with us, even?

It's important to remember that this whole generational naming thing is just for marketing purposes, and doesn't actually mean anything.

Humans have a tendency to label, categorize and put people in boxes...

We like to know where we belong.

To which group, tribe or even marketing segment...even if it's flippin' geriatric.

So when you market to your customers you have to make it clear that they belong in YOUR community.

The success of your business depends on the community you build around it.

If you want to attract engaged couples or customers to place their special occasion orders, or market to hotels, you have to be putting content out there that tells them YOU are for them.

If you're a grower or wholesaler who helps floral designers buy flowers, actually help them with your content. If you are helping corporate businesses with their special events, you have to help them with your content. 

You don't have to solve every problem, but you have to be clear that they can come to you.

As I say all these things, it might bring up some type of emotional reaction. Some may think, "I'm not like that". Others, may think, "I'm doing good. I post occasionally and still get business coming in". And yet, there are others, that are thinking, "I'm already on that, Christi!" 

Either way, I just want you to do a biz check...where are you at? 

How can you expand your horizons?

If you can't do it, maybe it's time to hire someone to help in that arena. A social media person, perhaps?

Or dive into some of my trainings that I talk about and offer?

Or, maybe you just want to have someone look at your business from the outside and ask you some important questions about what's working and not working in your business so you can get a fresh perspective?

Bottom line...take a breather.

Just even 10 minutes and do a quick analysis of who you are in your business...playing it safe and spinning your wheels while the world is passing you by? Or, bridging that gap and adapting new ways of doing things to expand your reach and relevance?

Here's great quote for today:

“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.”
– Stephen Covey

And if got your interest peaked and you want to read the article, you can read it here. It's a quick and good read, I promise!

Here's to your success!

The PRE "Geriatric Millennial"

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