Tools I Use for Content Creation and Streamlining My Social Media

business productivity organization resource sales and marketing starting a flower business Dec 14, 2020

Are you feeling overwhelmed with creating content and managing your social media? It's not only the time it takes but the amount of work that you need to do to get it done and keep up with it, right? 

Honestly, for me, it's all about the workflows.

Managing Posting

I use 3 tools that to manage the content and posting for my social media, blog and email processes. You really want to be able to concentrate on connecting with your audience instead of the content creation wheel! Trello, Later, and Google Doc/Sheets are awesome tools to help with this. 

Trello is key for me as I manage the workflows of what content I want to write, re-purpose, and organize. (Now, I use other software for managing my events, but you can see all my tips on my tech inside the Floral Business Academy where I share all my Tech Resources!) It helps with managing the overview and specific deliverables all in one place. And, if I have ideas that I haven't gotten around to yet, I will make use of either of these to hold them until I'm ready! The tasks live on different boards or lists in Trello. Also, tasks can be marked as "to-do", "in progress", or "done" and are moved from right to left. It will streamline the process of social media content creation from idea to creation to implementation. (Side note: I also love my Trello Business Notebook for keeping track of all things in my business! and I created a template for you to follow too. It's how I keep track of all my business stuff, notes, password access, brand info,'s for sale inside the Floral Business Academy. Join the Academy for FREE by clicking here.)

Next I use Google Docs to help with the content creation. I write out my social media posts and also use it for writing my blogs and email templates. As your team grows, you are able to share these docs in real time with your teammates or virtual assistant, which is a huge plus. I don't have to download each time they come back and give me feedback.

Over the years, I have tried many different social media posting and automating software platforms. But, the Later app is the best one for me! You can schedule your posts and move them around to post on different platforms on different days spreading out your content. I use it for posting to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. I post LinkedIn manually through their website. I'm able to tweak the posts dependent on the platform. In addition, it let's me adapt the post dependent on the platform--you can change the character counts, and add, adjust or remove the hashtags.

Posting Consistency

So, how do I set myself up for posting consistently? 

This is something I struggled with many times. But I work on doing posts a week ahead of time and when I have time, I work on them up to monthly. Some weeks are more difficult than others, but it's time that I work on dedicating. I use some prompts that help me think of copy for posting, brainstorm it, create the posts and then use Later to schedule everything. 

This saves me so much time! And, what's even better, it works!

Creating and posting in real-time takes me much more time. I find that since I'm a thinker, it's better for me to find chunks of time to get it done when my mind is fully active on it. Then, I can use my time during the week to engage on other's posts and answer questions on my direct messages, interact in Facebook groups and catch up with some connections on LinkedIn.

I hope these tools and simple tips will give you some streamlining systems to create content and post, while building your brand and connecting with current and potential clients.

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