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Free Offerings (These and more inside of the Floral Business Academy)

Floral Brand Quiz

Take my quiz and find out how to match your floral brand with your design style. PLUS get my Floral Brand Checklist.

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Floral Business Academy

There is so much in this Academy for your get your hands on! 
Not only are there the courses and 1:1 Project Mgmt options, but I have a list of FREE items that will help you in your business. Join me for FREE in this Academy!

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Creating A Successful Lead Magnet

Want to get more leads to your business? This quick guide will get you started on the path to clients knocking at your door!

Care and Handling Cheat Sheets

Use this fun downloadable to get some great tips on working with your flowers.


Programs and Bundles (All available inside the Floral Business Academy)

Floral Designer's Workroom Pricing Chart

$27.00 USD

Floral Business Notebook on Trello

$37.00 USD

Floral Event Recipe Template 


$147.00 USD

Wedding Sales System


$1,197.00 USD

Community, 1:1 and Mastermind (All available inside the Floral Business Academy)

Floral Business Academy Facebook Group

Join some other likeminded floral entrepreneurs as we share what's working in our floral businesses.

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Floral Success Institute Mastermind

Massive breakthroughs in your floral business come with concentrated efforts - joining a Mastermind is the answer.

Project Managment for Creatives

Directional and tactical consultancy to help you and your business thrive, prosper and fleurish. You get my head--all up in your business as we work through your goals and then create a bespoke strategy to take you to the next stage.