Money Moves: A Creative Entrepreneur's Profit Playbook

In this episode, Christi discusses ways to grow your business and increase profitability. As a business expert with years of experience in running her own businesses and now helping entrepreneurs achieve their financial goals, she shares insights on the importance of understanding your business finances and how it can lead to increased profitability. This podcast is a preview of the financial training course designed to empower creative entrepreneurs with the financial knowledge they need to succeed. Part 1: The Importance of Understanding Your Business Finances Christi highlights the common challenges creative entrepreneurs face when it comes to managing their finances. The benefits of gaining a better understanding of your business finances are also discussed, including improved decision-making, increased profitability, better cash flow management, increased confidence, and stronger relationships with vendors, clients, and other stakeholders. Part 2: Key Financial Concepts to Master Christi discusses the lessons covered in the financial training course, including interpreting profit and loss statements, analyzing and lowering your cost of goods sold, and reducing overhead expenses. Part 3: Overcoming Financial Jargon and Fear Christi acknowledges the overwhelming nature of financial jargon and fear for creative entrepreneurs. Tips for overcoming these obstacles and gaining the confidence needed to make informed financial decisions are provided, including educating yourself, getting organized, setting financial goals, seeking advice, and taking action. Part 4: Invitation to Join the Finances Made Easy Training Christi invites listeners to enroll in the financial training course and gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. The course is designed to help creative entrepreneurs master key financial concepts and gain the confidence they often are craving. Here's the link to the Training: