Learn these 4 steps to increasing your wedding sales.

Ready to expand your potential in consulting with your wedding clients?


Do you wonder if there is an easier way to sell in your consultations?

I don't know about you, but I never really liked "selling", but it's really all about how we go about it...after this Masterclass you will find the ace in your back pocket!
I actually don't sell, I create the vision with them. And that is what makes the magic happen for you...and them.

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In this Masterclass You'll Learn To...

Learn how to prepare for the consultation in order to maximize your time and raise your brand awareness with your potential clients.
Find out the right types of questions to ask during the consultation that get you the information you need and they want to give.
4 Steps that you can implement today to bring better communication and improve your bottom line.



Hi, I'm Christi, the woman behind the Business of Flowers & the
Floral Business Academy!

Throughout my 30+ career in the floral industry, the one thing I've loved most is doing weddings! My 7-figure business had many twists and turns, but at the heart of it was designing and selling weddings. 
I believe it possible to attract your ideal couples, design their vision and be profitable. And, part of that success is in the consultation! ⁠⁠
So, join me in this Masterclass and let me share some of my tips and tricks with you. Why strive when you can thrive?

Watch the Masterclass

This Masterclass is for YOU if ...

  • you want to learn how to ask better questions that solidifies the know/like/trust factor.
  • you want to convert more of your wedding leads into sales
  • you want to take your HOBBY to a PROFITABLE BUSINESS
  • you just want to up your game when it comes to a better booking rate