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The ProfitBloom Retail Toolkit is a trio of pricing tools which includes the Workroom Retail Pricing Chart, Order Worksheet, and Botanical Retail Pricing Chart. 

🎯 Automate pricing and ensure you never undercharge again.


This done-for-you pricing chart is the perfect "cheat-sheet" to put at your design table. Never have to stop and figure out how much labor to take out of your price AND how much in retail flowers you have to work with! This chart does it for you. No more second-guessing or undercharging - let this chart handle it for you!

You'll get the breakdown of how much retail fresh product you add based on the overall retail price. And it has a section for retail and sympathy since each of these normally have different labor charges. PLUS you can also include the amount you can use for the hard goods in your design.

📋 Say goodbye to chaos, guesswork and inefficiency! 


With the weekly order sheet you can easily track what you've ordered, manage your fresh inventory with ease, and stay organized and boost your efficiency.

AND the Botanical Retail Pricing Chart takes the guessing out of your retail prices on your fresh product.

Unlock the power of having your stem pricing work for you. Whatever you purchase each week gets added to your chart and set to retail pricing based on your mark-up. 

Both come as editable spreadsheet with follow along quick video trainings so you can hit the ground running with these.


What You Get for Only $97.00


  • Workroom Pricing Chart as an editable spreadsheet
  • Weekly Order Sheet and Botanical Retail Pricing chart as an editable spreadsheet
  • Quick Training Videos to show you how each of them work 

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to supercharge your floral business with the ProfitBloom Retail Toolkit. Put a system in place to clearly create profitable pricing processes, save valuable time, and increase those profits effortlessly.


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Join successful floral entrepreneurs who know that harnessing the power of systems allow them to transform their businesses.


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