ONLINE Coaching in a Group Setting

Success is a team sport. You need help building your business to record levels of profitability.

Every week I’ll teach you marketing strategies and techniques that will generate as many leads for your business as you can handle… and explain the best ways to convert those leads into paying clients.

Each strategy we cover includes lots of examples so the information provided can be easily applied to your business.

The content for each session is specifically designed to help provide a “transformational” experience for your business.

The end result – you will separate your business from your competition and dominate your market, while adding money to your bottom line - which means more money in your pocket!


Guiding Your Way to Success

Support, accountability and clarity with goal-setting AND focus to attain the goals no matter how busy you are!  


 ~ Weekly "office hours" where I show up and work with you. You need targeted help? This is the place to get it!

~ Weekly targeted training around business & mindset strategies delivered via video.

~ Quarterly 1:1 Review so we can have "eyes" on your numbers to make sure you are hitting the goals you set.

~ A coach, cheerleader, business mentor, accountability partner, and support to help YOU as you step outside your comfort zone and make some BIG THINGS HAPPEN.

Find out if Propel Group Coaching is the affordable answer to building your business.

Schedule an appointment convenient for you at the link below and I’ll show you the results that are possible when it comes to growing your business.

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Who is this for?

Creative Business Owners Committed to Consistent Growth and Seriously Ready to Play a Bigger Game. 


You're ready to go ALL IN. To put on your CEO boots and play in an endless field filled with YOUR potential. To serve more of the client that will love your products and services. To surprise yourself with what's possible in your life and business simply by showing up and taking action. 

You're already stepping out into this business role, so it's time to reach your highest level of potential no matter what is going on in the world around you.

How do I get from the budding, or emerging entrepreneur to a purpose-driven limitless entrepreneur?

That, my friend, is through coaching and community! Come join us! 

A foolproof formula...
Here's the way to find out if Group Coaching is for you...

If you can check at least 3 of these boxes below, don't skip a beat before joining my Group Coaching. You'll find yourself right at home.

How many apply to you?

  • You're a creative business owner who just needs a bit of extra support and ongoing guidance to get your business to the next level
  • There's no doubt about it, you're in this for the long haul. You're the polar opposite of the "creative dabbler"  - you see the potential for growth and life changing impact and you're here for it!
  • "So Ready" doesn't even begin to describe how you feel about your business (and getting better results), charging premium prices, creating messaging and marketing that keeps you top-of-mind, strengthening your mindset, and scaling your business overall.
  • You're tired of having your business running your life and you know that there's got to be a better way to maximize your time and talents while getting a better bottom line.
  • Hiring and keeping a team has been difficult and you'd rather just do things yourself because it gets done "the RIGHT way".
  • You've been working a growing your business for the last year and haven't seen the growth that you thought.
  • You often find yourself saying "yes" or "no" to clients or opportunities basing your decision on your bank balance.
  • You're ready to take your "full-time job" and make your side-hustle hobby a full-fledged business!
Here's what others are saying...

Christi will help you see yourself from a new vantage point and will help you go in the direction that you want to go. She will help you achieve your goals - the ones that have been buried and forgotten. The ones that will make you feel accomplished.

She has your best interest at heart and is dedicated to helping you succeed.

Loraine Y.


Before working with Christi I had an idea of where I wanted to go but no real plan on how to get there. Christi has a unique skill of helping you define your direction and (here is the important part) asking you enough tough questions to access if that is REALLY WHERE YOU WANT TO BE. Turns out it wasn’t what my heart was calling me to do. Without Christi’s coaching skills I would still be growing a business that would have taken me away from all the things I love about having my own floral shop. Now I’m on the right path to owning a business I love without giving up my life.

Robin W.


Before I met Christi my business was not structured and I was barely charging for my services, I was frustrated and at the verge of giving up BUT when I came into contact with Christi she began to share her expertise out of 30 years experience with me, I acquired so much knowledge in such a little time and sitting with me to create strategies on how to achieve my goals each month was matchless.

Christine T.


I was a new entrepreneur, launching a new business and found it difficult to clarify my niche clients, and understand a pricing strategy that reflected my worth.

Christi listened intently to my concerns, and developed a deep understanding of my underlying issues that were blocking me from moving forward. She did this by asking powerful questions that enabled me to become aware of my inner thoughts and beliefs.

Louise D.


Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t wait!

Take control of your business and get the life you crave. 

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A Note from Christi...

After 30+ years in business, 7 figures in revenue, I can confidently say - when you focus on growing YOU, your business will grow too!

This can be the most powerful thing you can do for your business -- focusing then on how you take actionable steps even in 90 day increments, your business will grow. 

Why? Because you've got your eye on the prize -- YOU and YOUR business!

My goal for you? To have the joy of reaching your goals, the satisfaction of being efficient and the success without the stress because you got the support you need along the way.

Ready to join me in getting you there?