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Using my 30+ years of creative and floral design, business experience, and now coaching,
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What is Brand Thinking?

A brand's essence is distilled into three macro components: the business, the product(s), and the customer's perception of the business or product.

The technology revolution flipped the old school business-development model on its head. A business used to start with complicated legal structures, then the passion or product; from there, you would build it up and attract customers. In today's world, it takes three clicks of a mouse to start a business, and the result is a modernized, brand-first business model where the product is built, modified and shaped after the initial customer base has been cultivated.

What's come into the forefront is a new wave of looking at your business - Brand Thinking. I like to apply these strategies to see your business flourish.

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Floral Brand

You can take the quiz and find out how to match your floral brand with your design style. OR, just get the floral brand guide. and start the process of making sure your on the right track with your brand.

Florist's Workroom Pricing Chart

Maximize your design time and still be profitable! This chart answers the questions around, "How much product do I put into that design"?

Creative's Business Notebook on Trello

Put all your information in one place! Do you find yourself looking high and low for your brand info (hex color codes, logos, etc.) or testimonials from clients to put on your website? These are just a few of the great ways it helps you organize.

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