Imagine If You Could Attract PRE-QUALIFIED Leads In Your Business on a regular basis...AND BOOK 90% of those you consult with!

The Wedding Sales System helps Floral Entrepreneurs bring MORE of the RIGHT BRIDES through your door, SO THAT you can put BOOK MORE SALES and MORE PROFITS in your flower bucket. AND bring MORE PEACE in your life.

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Floral Business Academy - Get More Wedding Leads

Welcome to Your New Wedding Lead-to-Sales Generator!

A tried & true system will help you generate more qualified leads and book more sales while matching your unique style.

Gone are the days of you trying to figure out how to break the "How much do wedding flowers cost?" cycle and tirelessly answering questions after the consult. 

You'll learn how to master the small details that make a big difference with this method of selling your weddings.

Implement a system that reflects 100% you while achieving the price point YOU NEED AND delivers them THEIR VISION for the RIGHT price. 

You may be asking yourself,
"How can I do this? Every bride is different."

I know, I felt the same way for the first several years of my business.

I struggled with answering endless questions and shared Pinterest boards before what felt like coercing them to book a consultation.

Only to have them not show...

Or worse, waste precious time consulting only to never hear from them again.

But then~

I figured out a system that gave me the tools I needed to create solid booking rates between
90% over that last 20+ years. 

Yes, you read that correctly, over 20 years!

It worked in times of recession...

It worked in times of abundance...

Bottom line, it worked.

I tweaked it and molded it to fit every business situation, even down to when I had a team working with me. I was able to teach them how to use it. 

Now, I want to teach you!


So you can have efficient and profitable wedding sales in your floral business without having to take the time to figure it out like I did!

Introducing the...

What makes the Wedding Sales System so different from a course? I Walk You Through the EXACT Steps for Generating Leads and Booking Sales AND HELP You Along the Way.

That's really just a fancy way of saying what the System includes:

  • 1,000 days (that's over 3 years!) of access and any updates to the System
  • In addition, you'll have access to me every week via a weekly group call so we can go over ANY questions and stumbling blocks you're experiencing. 
  • I'll personally walk you through the EXACT steps for generate qualified leads and booking sales.
  • The information you need to know about creating your lead magnet and how to market it. Leads will find you because you are educating them, so you can avoid all those costly mistakes and time-wasters that most others make!
  • The way to get the nurture the potential client and get the ideal information needed so you are primed for a winning consultation. 
  • Mock Consultations so you can see how to recognize the "I want to book" signals!
  • Create proposals that sell and give you creative space to design.
  • Hand-holding guidance from an instructor (yours truly!) who has spent over 20+ years using this same system  (i.e. I know what I'm doing and I've taught others to do it too!)
  • Access includes all updates and bonuses—so you’re always in the loop, leading the pack, and primed to bring home the bacon! 
  • Literal step-by-step training. Seriously. And tech help! I know we all can get lost in the weeds sometimes! Got a problem you just can't figure out? Submit your page or info to me and we will tackle it on the Weekly Group Call!
  • Exclusive membership to a community of other smart & savvy floral entrepreneurs.

Your Plan for
Sales Growth 
in 4 Steps

Get the

Learn how to use this pricing tool as a lead magnet to attract brides that are more in your price point. As well as taking the lead magnet and getting personalized, a step-by-step "how-to's" to implement it and integrate it into your marketing strategy.

Nurture Your Potential Client

Develop a relationship that leads to the consultation! In this module we will go over the emails that lead to the consult as well as getting the information you need to prepare you for meeting with them.

Rock the Consultation

In this phase I will teach you my proven method and mindset around the consultation. Having an active conversation that leads them to asking the right "YES, I want to book your services" questions!

Book the Sale

Once you've talked with them, the real work begins. It doesn't end with sending the proposal! From proposal tips, email templates, and how to finish out the after party, you'll learn everything you need to complete the sale and celebrate!


It’s ENTIRELY too easy to fall (head first) into the “I’ll just keep doing my social media and save myself some money" trap...

...And it IS a trap.

It’s slower than cold syrup. (←Rough estimate.) You don't stand out because every other florist is doing the same thing. They are all competing for the same market. And although we'd like to think that couples will choose us because of our beautiful, amazing designs, they don't.

But the worst part?

You're talented! But they don't even take that into consideration because they are concerned about the cost or their lack of knowledge about the costs that come with designing these gorgeous weddings. 

I can’t do this for you...

...but I definitely can teach you.

I know you are tired of getting the crazy inquiries where they are asking for the million dollar wedding on a dime. They want the world on a silver platter, but it's more like a wood slab budget.

They just don't know and they are looking for someone to help them.

The solution is simple.

That person is YOU — without having to waste time going back and forth looking at their pictures and answering hundreds of email iterations before even having a consultation. 

It's important to note: It matters to me that this makes an actual, quantifiable difference for you and your business...which is why I’m offering a 30-day, money back GUARANTEE. If you're not satisfied with the quality of the content, you've joined in all the weekly trainings, created your lead magnet, and it's just not working for you ~ just shoot me an email ([email protected]) requesting a full refund. Cool?



Robin Weir AIFD, Wild by Nature

"The best advantage of the Wedding Sales System is that it is saving me time first by helping the bride to see what is a realistic price for wedding flowers. It saves me that extra step from quoting them on their dream wedding and than redoing it for what they can afford. The ones who get back to me are looking for someone who they know will create wonderful floral designs for their wedding but the tool also gives them options."

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Ever wish you had someone just to be able to ask if it looks good or if there way a way to tweak something to work better? It's a win/win! Grow, scale and get the side-by-side learn-as-you-go help you long for!


How much does the System cost?

Great question! 

You can make just one payment of $1197
(save over $200)

OR six payments of $237 each. (For less than a one hour Strategy Call with me monthly you'll get weekly access to my help!)


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You may be thinking...

But that's not all you'll get when you join the Wedding Sales System. I've got bonuses for you!

That's right, I have more than just the system for you to dive into! I want to sweeten the deal a little more...

My "Secret Sauce" Pricing Tool

Get the exact tool I've used for over 20 years. You'll be able to customize this tool and attract your ideal wedding client.

This is one you won't want to miss!

($497 value)

Nurture & Follow-up Email Sequences Swipes

No more trying to write converting emails to nurture AND follow-up with your potential clients. Use my plug-n-play emails and put them to work for you!

($297 value)

Your Ultimate Consult Form

This 4-page form is your perfect walk-thru guide during the consultation! Never forget to chat about all. the. things. wedding flowers and decor!

It's your consult bestie!

($197 value)

Wedding Contract Template

That's right! I'm sharing my legal contract agreements I use for my own wedding clients.

This is a must-have for any floral entrepreneur!

($147 value)

Enjoy these incredible bonuses when you join the System!