P R O J E C T   M A N A G E M E N T

Provide peace-of-mind.
Drive creativity.

You get the most creative work when you understand your priorities
and aren’t overwhelmed by a to-do list. 
Having a roadmap of your plan, executing systems and driving your marketing,
you'll keep you (and your team if you have one) aligned on the workload, 
focused on objectives, and creating what matters.

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Let's Grow Together

Sometimes it takes someone outside of your creative business to help you get to the right place where you can let your creativity sing, while your business blooms! There's a lot to discuss, let's start this beautiful journey together! Jump on a FREE discovery call with me.

Whether you’re stuck and need a bit of help with your project plan,
you need a roadmap OR you need a roadmap AND systems in place.  I can help you get there.  
You can choose how much or how little you want my help with the 3 options below.

F L O W E R   P L A N

1 hour ($250)

Not sure how much help you’re going to need or the frequency?  You can choose to work with me an hour at a time.

B O U Q U E T    P L A N

5 hour package
($1,000/$200 per hour) 

If you know where you want to go but you need a roadmap, we can get a lot accomplished in 5 hours.

G A R D E N   P L A N

10 hour package
($1750/$175 per hour) 

If you have much to accomplish, need a roadmap, or would like put some systems in place, the 10 hour plan may be the most advantageous for you.