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Stop focusing on what everyone else is doing and focus on your business. Join me for POWER HOUR on Thursdays at 1pm EST. 

So, how does this work, you ask?
Every Thursday, we'll jump on Zoom together and just WORK on our businesses independently, but together. Let's hold each other accountable and set aside that time to get things done. Then, after about 45 minutes, I'll jump in the chat and answer questions you might have about your business. Really, if you have something that you are just trying to noodle through and have a mental block about, I want to help!

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Why it all starts with the rituals...

For years in my business, I didn't give much thought to routines. I let my business drive my day. Our business is one of distractions. Can I get an "AMEN"? 

But now I time-block my day, rather than let it rule me. Sure, some days get out of hand, but the planning that I do put into practice yields me getting so much more accomplished. I have been way more intentional about my days. After all, it's hard to be passionate when you're half-asleep, am I right?

I realized that it's the small changes that make a biggest impact. Planning out my day the night before, finding 10 minutes to meditate before I go to sleep, making sure to think about 3 things I'm grateful for each morning. 

But the biggest game changer? 

Planning my business--day by day and doing a weekly overview of the week ahead. 

That's why I decided for the next 4 weeks, I'm going to do a bit of time-blocking with those who are interested in getting their business off to a fresh start.  

So, let's get going on what will drive your business for the rest of 2020. Are you ready for when COVID is over? I know I am. I want you to feel confident about that too!

Curious? Let's Zoom together for the next four weeks....


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