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Improving Your Team's Productivity

education floral business Jul 02, 2018

Ok, I'll admit it! I have a habit of listening to podcasts and videos in the background while I am working on the computer. (I'm a multi-tasker!) On this particular day, the interviewer had Tony Robbins on as a guest. She asked him about what things that most progressive people do that we might be missing to become successful. He went down a few points, and two caught my attention.

The first, "The best performers are focused on outcomes and not activities." Meaning the to-do list isn't the most important, especially if it encourages a failure mentality as it can be neverending. Yes! I hate to-do lists. Do you ever have this issue? Once I start the list, it goes on and on and on... I feel like it becomes a book. It really can make me stressed! Focusing on the outcomes...getting the event finished and delivered, spending time with family, creating a work environment that is pleasing to others. Those are the items to focus on--the activities will come as the outcome is the focus.


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Why I went for my AIFD, but got me EMC first!

Next month I will be inducted into the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD). After testing last July in Seattle, Washington I was awarded my CFD (Certified Floral Designer) designation and tested high enough to get my AIFD. Participants have to wait until the following year for the induction ceremony. It's been a long year of waiting, and I am very excited!

You may ask, why did I wait so long? For the past six years, I had a second location at The Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC. Having two places took all my focus, and I couldn't get back into the realm of the floral industry that I! I declined the additional 5-year contract at the hotel to get back to my roots in a single studio and being active in the education of flowers again.

In addition to the second location keeping me from focusing on studying, the annual AIFD Symposium falls on my wedding anniversary every year. This isn't exactly how my husband wants to spend time together for our anniversary...

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A Floral Designed Arch Fit for Royalty

With the Royal Wedding happening a few weeks ago, I realized that many brides would be clamoring to get a look similar to the wedding arch of flowers and foliage at the cathedral for the Duke & Duchess of Sussex.

I put together a quick infographic to give florist's an idea of the costs that it would take. Mostly, I wanted to see how other florists figure out their pricing for doing floral installations. We need to be able to create beauty, cover our costs and make our living, right?

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A Few Days with American Grown Flowers and the First Lady's Luncheon

I must say the past five days have been gratifying for me! I had the privilege of designing with a team for the First Ladies Luncheon. Now, you may be asking, "What is the First Ladies Luncheon"? So I'll share about that first.

Started by the Congressional Club in 1912, the event was initially a breakfast and later morphed into a luncheon honoring the First Lady of the United States. The Congressional Club is the official club of Congressional spouses and prides itself on being bi-partisan.  Guests come from around the country and the world to attend the event. Every year the luncheon has a different theme, and everything from the tablecloths to the favors (always some type of bag filled to the brim with goodies) to the centerpieces revolves around this theme. Generally, the idea is inspired by the state from whence the chairman of the luncheon committee hails.

The last three years, Certified American Grown Flowers has provided the floral decor for the Luncheon. This year and...

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Mom—My Best Friend

life with christi May 08, 2018

I know, it sounds trite, but really my mom, Jeanie, is my best friend!

When I started out in this business years ago (and I mean years, people!), my mom was my biggest cheerleader. And, she still is today. I decided to delve into the florist business pretty soon after high school. Mom and I went to design classes together every Monday night for a year. Traveling around the beltway in Washington DC traffic just to learn how to design with flowers. What a time that was!

She would have a dinner packed to eat on the go, and I would hop in the car from my full-time job, and away we would go. The instructor was a head-designer at the famed “Blackistone’s” florist in Washington DC. That shop has long since closed, but the memories are still with me today. Back then, we were hitting the start of the trend in “reflexing” a rose; all arrangements were linear, and we based designs with galax leaves. Minimalism was key.

Anyway, back on subject! My...

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Handling Prospective Client Emails

Ever find yourself lost in the myriad of emails from prospective clients? I did!

Until I developed a system of handling the inquiries I get coming into my inbox, my life was crazy, and I often found myself missing significant opportunities. Now, I’m not saying that life doesn’t get hectic anymore or that my inbox doesn’t get filled up quickly. But, I have figured out a way to at least deal with my inquiries that come in for weddings!

Take a look at what you do currently. Are you able to handle answering those potential bride and groom emails within 24 hours? Do you find yourself consistently apologizing for not responding sooner?

If so, consider looking a creating a system for yourself. If you are stuck, reach out to me, and I’ll be happy to share how I created a system!

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