Feeling Stuck is a Choice

business Apr 27, 2020

This current climate shrouded in COVID 19 is keeping people “stuck”--stuck at home, stuck without income or work, stuck with people or family, stuck in time. But, I’d like to say that this is just a matter of your mind--feeling “stuck” that is. 

Often we seem to get lost in thought and head down the path of “woe is me”. Now, what I’m about to say may be a bit controversial. I’m not trying to start a riot here. I’m only giving you another framework for your mindset. What if we took those feelings of being “stuck” in our situation and turn it into something that gave us "action"? 

  • We get to look at the sky, breathe different air, hear the sounds of stillness. 
  • We get time to take a walk, eat differently, and be more active.
  • We get valuable time with our family and loved ones.
  • We get some opportunities to reach out and make an impact on others. Those opportunities that we don’t have “time” for during our normal hurried lives.
  • We get an amazing opportunity to take a hard look at our businesses and re-evaluate where we want to be, what we want to be doing and where we want to go.

When was the last time, you got to do any of these things on a regular basis or maybe just one of them? I want to challenge you to go into ACTION today, this week, before things change again.

I live in Northern Virginia, in an urban, super-driven city right outside of Washington, DC. My house is situated right next to a major street with traffic piled up every morning and evening--seven days a week. I often sit in my car at the end of my street waiting patiently for a break in traffic just to cross and get onto the street! But now, over the past month, I’ve gotten to wake to the sounds of birds chirping; trees rustling with the breeze--can you hear it? This is the stuff that real life is made of. 

Action-the fact or process of doing something.

Action doesn’t have to mean hustling and bustling, it just means that you focus your attention on something else--doing something else. Let’s choose action and choose our life steps.

Happy Flowering, my friend!

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