Lessons from Mom

business mindset floral business mom and me Jul 21, 2019

As I sit here at my mom's house waiting for her caregiver to bring her to the breakfast table, I'm reminiscing of the times we spent working together in my business. She was my right-hand lady for the first 26 years of my business. You see, now, she's either walker or wheelchair-bound and requires 24/7 caregiver help. I'll admit, it's extremely difficult to see her like this; not as the strong, energetic, resilient person that I got to see every day.

Time has gone by since she "retired" from physically helping me at the shop, but she's never stopped giving a listening ear or helpful support especially in stressed times when I need a person to just go over what I'm thinking. 

Often people would ask her how I was doing since taking over the shop? She would chuckle and let them know that "she worked for me" not the other way around. Little did they know that I was my idea to open a florist business in the first place. She has always been the sturdy pillar for me to build on, never asking for anything except to lift up and encourage her daughter so she could become a success in her business endeavors. 

She taught me strength, faith, and tenacity to never stop. So, now, I am in a place to give it back to her...and it's not easy. Sometimes, I wonder how she's done it all these years. But honestly, that's what unconditional love is, isn't it? I want to stand in the gap and be there for her when she thinks she can't take that next step. 

Strength is a funny thing. We think we are strong until we are tested. Then, when the difficulties start to arise, we really get to know where our strength lies.

Are we able to withstand the trials that business throws at us?

Do we stand in faith realizing that we can take the next step?

Do we have the tenacity to push through and try again if we fall?

What about resilience to continue to keep going as we learn the lessons that being in business gives us?

These are the questions that I like to challenge florists with when I coach them. Getting the tools and systems in place to move forward--that's what keeps us strong.

Challenge yourself today! Step out in faith and keep going. You've got this!

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