How do you handle Roadblocks?

Jul 24, 2019

I was talking with my Growth Coach the other day. (Yes, I did say my coach--I believe in coaching. I don't just provide coaching, I take it too! This is a topic for another day.)  Anyway, we were talking about roadblocks. She asked, "How do you handle them?" could hear a pin drop. Then I answered her. This was a tough question and my answer wasn't one that I excited to tell her. To answer honestly, for most of my career, I've tried to dodge them! 

I thought about this a lot since then and here's a visual that I came up with:

Imagine you're playing a video game; the road is in front of you and in the distance, you see a roadblock. You know, those concrete road barriers lined up across the road.

You have two choices:

  1. Wait until it comes right in front of you and you have to take your massive Thor-looking hammer and crush it before the time runs out. Or,
  2. You can use the Thor hammer and point it from afar and blast that thing to smithereens! 

For years, I would wait, ignoring that roadblock and then stress while I hammered away at it, time and time again, hoping that it wouldn't ruin me because I waited until the last minute. Instead, can you imagine if as soon as I saw the roadblock coming, I would just laser it? It would be gone in a second and I could continue down the road and even enjoy the route I was taking. Maybe, just maybe, even take a moment to stop and see the things along the road that I could enjoy. 

My coaching has taught me to laser those roadblocks out of the way! I am enjoying seeing how this is changing my business and outlook. What an impact this would have had if I had learned this years ago. Now, I don't look back and wish those lessons learned didn't happen; I just realized that I could have had some stronger intentions, goals and taken more time to enjoy, even savor, the wins a bit more!

This is what I hope for you too! Are you a roadblock cruncher or a laser-blaster? If a roadblock cruncher, let's get those lasers out and blast through them. In my Fleurish and Profit Academy, we will be addressing all these roadblocks. I know that you'd rather be designing instead of dealing with all the business roadblocks. 

The Academy will be launched in August and I want you to be in on it! The founding members will be signed up with their monthly subscription set for the life of your membership--no increases! No that's something to cheer about!

Sign-up for the waitlist on the homepage and join me on a journey to be a laser-blaster in your floral business.


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