Getting a Yes in 5 Steps!

Getting a Yes in 5 Steps!

Oct 05, 2022

Are you ready to master your sales process? Are you ready to have a sales process that feels great for you, brings in your ideal clients, and that has both parties enjoying that interaction?

No it's not a dream, it's possible and here is the roadmap to guide you through the right steps to take every single time you are engaged with a new lead. 

This way you can enjoy the process, be efficient and profitable in your business, so that when you're doing all the marketing activities in your business, it will turn into results for you. Ultimately, that can give you peace of mind and the business that you want, and the life that you so deeply desire.

So let's jump in...

1/ Connection: In each and every sales conversation, I like to take time to connect and find an instant commonality between myself and my potential client. So the next time you get onto a sales call or in a consultation, make sure that you take some time to connect and show how the two of you share something in common because when we do this there's an instant camaraderie that happens.

2/ Listen: Sales calls are actually less about you talking and more about you listening to your potential client. Why is this? Because when we listen we learn about them and what's important to them. There will often be 3 important things that you want to listen out for and learn - What's their biggest struggle right now? (This helps us understand what you can solve for them) Why is this their biggest struggle? (this lets us into their mindset, if they're self aware and even if they're ready to deal with the struggle) and then finally Why must this change for you now? or What happens if this doesn't change? (this gives us a sense of whether there is urgency and they're ready to buy)

So here's the reality, if they don't know what they're struggling with, it's not something you can help them with. And if they're not in a mindset, where they're actually know why they're struggling and want to change it, they're probably not going to buy. And if they're at a point where it's not important for them to change and make that decision, they won't buy.

However, on the flip side, why we want to go into the struggle or hit their pain point first, is that the listen and learn phase is very important. Because if you can solve their struggle, if they're in a mindset where they're ready to change and make that decision, and now is the time, it's really easy to go through the rest of the five steps and welcome them into your business into working with you.

3/ Vision:  This is where we invite them to share exactly what they want. Why do we do this? Because just offering up our solution without listening to them first, it may not actually be what they want. By entering into a sales conversation with them you can then pinpoint the exact things in your offering that will really help them, you can share more details on certain aspects that you know will appeal to them.

4/ Invite: I'm not a fan of the cold pitch or even a pitch. I want to invite someone to work with me if it feels aligned to them and me. So often when potential clients are talking about their vision I follow up with a question that transitions into the invite such as, 'Where would you like to be in the next 3 to 6 months?' I mention how my offer may help them and ask them if they would like to hear more, and more often than not, they'll say yes. 

Don't just launch into your offer here but instead take the time to talk about who you like to work with and what they want to receive/ transform. So for example, 'I love working with amazing women entrepreneurs, especially creatives,  and supporting them to get everything that you need to make their business run efficiently and profitably, especially around sales and marketing, to bring in more money into their bank account, to live a fully expressed life and enjoy the clients that they're working with.'

Then the real secret is to provide more than one offer and highlight to them a few ways in which they can work with you. Instead of being a yes/no answer you have now flipped it round to being about making a choice. So how do you structure your different offerings?

You want to offer all three of them at one time, you start with the highest impact, highest amount, and a VIP way to work with you. And then the middle of the road offer that you're most commonly working with clients, and then your small bite offer.

This lets you control the sales container.

This allows you to establish what is high, what is medium, and what is low for you in your business. And that's really important. Another important point to make is that you share these offers without the price point first. So while you're in the invitation stage you want to ask them 'Which of these ways feels like a way you would like to be supported, or which of these ways feels like the best of the direction that you would like to go in?'

Once they make that choice, then you can ask if they want to talk about the dollars and cents of it.

What you want to know is what's their fit. After they made that choice, you can share and reiterate who this is for, what they will receive and how they will receive it. And then the price point.

5/ The Close: This is a step that is often missed out. Now the close is where you ask flat out straight to that person, how would you like to get started? I like to start this with just openly asking if I can go ahead and ask them a sales-y question. Then, when they say yes, and they always do since you've just put it out there with a smile and a laugh...I say, "Okay, on a scale from 1-10, 1 being that you can't wait to be done with this conversation and 10 is a "heck, yeah - let's talk numbers!" - where are you right now? When you get this answer, you know better how to proceed. You will either be figuring out how to make it more in alignment for them OR, you will get to start presenting your offer.

This is what I like to say to them instead of 'Can I get your credit card.' It's really simple. And once they reply say 'Here's what I need from you.' Pay attention to this verbiage as it is much more inviting than just 'Can I have your card details'.

You want to make it really easy for your clients to be able to say yes. And then once you receive that card over the phone, or send them a link, while you are right on the call, you let them know what they can expect next from you, such as a welcome email with the next steps of how they can get started with you. 

Follow this 5 step process and I guarantee that you will get more 'Yes's' more consistently from your potential leads!

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