business resource May 11, 2020

DONE---spell it out with me: D.   O.   N.   E.    DONE.

What in the world is Christi talking about now? I can hear you now, “Is she sounding off about something?” or “Has she finished something monumental?” or maybe you just don’t care? That’s okay too. ;)

This acronym is the Follow Through Formula that Marie Forleo talks about in B School. I took this course over the last two months (now, don’t go weird on me, B School stands for “Business” School). She introduced this formula before the course started and it’s been golden for me the past two months. So much that I’ve been talking about with just about everyone I’ve had an opportunity to chat with (not face-to-face, people--I’ve practiced my “social distancing” skills!). 

So, what is the Follow Through Formula, you ask? 

Well, I’m soooo glad you asked!

It’s all about finishing what you’ve started. And the process of learning how to master it. So, I’m going to share the acronym with you.

D = stands for Decide and Define

Decide what you are going to do, whether it be a course, a new business plan or strategy, or even fitness. It can be professional or personal. Then, once you decide to do it, define what it will look like. How will it get done. How long will it take? Once you put pen to paper so to speak, you are more likely to set a specific goal. It needs to be specific, measurable and achievable.

O = stands for Organize

Organize your life around it. Don’t take on too many things. Set yourself up for success and figure out how to organize your life to you can accomplish the project you are aiming for.

N = stands for NO! Gettin' on the “NO” train...

I love this one! It means, get ready to say “no” to all the other things that distract you from getting done what you’ve decided to do. So many distractions will come in the way of you finishing what you start. I, for one, have this happen all. the. time. And, when I realize it, it makes me so irritated that I let it happen again! ;) 

E = stands for Execute

Make a plan, Stan! Do-the-do. Once you’ve figured out and decided to do something of importance, it’s time to execute it! Nothing is worse than looking back at your month or year, (or even years!) realizing that you didn’t follow through on your dreams. Execute and thrive!

Well, that’s it! I hope you get as much out of this as I did. Of course, I didn’t give it the justice that Marie did, but at least you get the gist! Put this into action for yourself. And, if you do follow a dream, well, I’d love to hear about it! I’ll be happy to hold you accountable, just shoot me a message!

Happy Flowering, my friend!

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