Take time to learn and design
Hands-On WITH ME 
in Northern Virginia!  

  • Everything you need to know about basic floral design from start to finish.
  • Apply the knowledge and hone your skills!
  • Become a more vital, powerful designer.

Learning the basics of floral design is hands-down the most effective way to SUCCEED in your business, so you can design with confidence, attract new clients, and enjoy more sales!  


The Course dates will be announced later in the Spring!

Find out when we the classes are announced!

We'll send you an email once BFDI dates are announced!

What Do You Get When You Join in the Basic Floral Design Intensive?

Six full days of jam-packed instruction with hands-on designing EVERY DAY.  

Day #1
Overview and Game Plan of the Course while Diving Right into the Principles of Design

  • Introduction to Your Floral Design Journey
  • Elements and Principles of Design--What do these do for me?
  • Elements: Order & Line

Day #2
Continuation of Principles and Elements

  • Growing Points
  • Proportion
  • Principles of Design

Day #3
Think you know Color and Flowers? Think again! 

  • Color Theory-How this affects HOW you design, your design's mood, and the client interaction 
  • Know Your Flowers! Learn the ins and outs of cut flowers and foliage
  • Care and Handling of Flowers-There's more to it than just putting them in water

Day #4
Mechanics and Techniques 1

  • Learn the basics of the classic European hand-tied bouquet 
  • Proper wire and taping techniques based on the flowers you are using
  • Designing personal flowers to wear

Day #5
Mechanics and Techniques 2

  • Wedding Bouquets — Designing different styles

Day #6
Mechanics and Techniques 3

  • Table Centerpieces and Vase Design
  • The Basics of Designing Larger Scale Arrangements

We will announce Class Dates in Early Spring

You can
learning the basics of floral design...

  • if you lack the confidence of your designs holding up or lasting throughout your event

  • if you consistently have your flowers die before you design them or you don't even know how to take care/process your flowers

  • if you want to attract higher end clients who will appreciate your expertise

  • if you want to set yourself apart from your competition


How much does the Basic Floral Design Intensive Course cost?

Most people think the "learn-it-as-you-go" route is cheaper.

What they don't take into account is how slow and ineffective it can be.

Or worse...

...the costs associated with a failed event because they didn't estimate the amount of flowers it was going to take

...or the time it would take to actually design what they sold

If you are like me, you want to take advantage of every opportunity to learn without the risk and without the learning curve. The only solution is to MASTER floral design yourself.

This is your chance to learn with me so you can skyrocket your learning curve in little time.

AND you can do this by taking The Basic Floral Design Intensive course for just  3 installments of $697 (or pay in full and save).

Sign me up for 3 payments of $697/each Sign me up! Pay in Full for only $1997

Your Investment is backed by my 2-day Money-back GUARANTEE.

I don't want unhappy money or unhappy customers! If this is not the best Basic Floral Design program you've ever taken, if you're not satisfied with the quality of the content, or for any other reason whatsoever, simply let me know no later than two days into the course and you'll receive a full refund.

-Christi Lopez AIFD CFD EMC

Bonus #1

(a $75 value)

Your own set of Oasis floral design tools! No creative should be without their tools of the trade. So you'll get a knife, secateurs, floral snip, pointed pliers, floral shears, and ribbon shears as well as wire cutters.

Bonus #2

($65 value)

You'll receive Tomas De Bruyne's Techniques for Floral Beauty. This book is chock full of so much goodness! As the co-founder of EMC (European Master Certification) and world-renowned floral artist, Tomas has designed a book you'll look to again and again.


(a $600 value!)

Need more time or a quick refresher on what you learned? Get 3, 30 minute one-on-one coaching calls with me for the month after the class has finished!


Join my Facebook group for the Business of Flowers where you can interact with other people who are on the journey of learning floral design and the floral business. Post floral designs; ask questions, continue your education!


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