Most business owners focus on building revenue. That's okay...
but really they're going about it all wrong.

Building profits is what feeds your family...
and few entrepreneurs understand how to build profit without building revenue.

They think you can't build one without the other,
and simply put — they're wrong.
This video will explain how you can do this! 

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Hi, I’m Christi, the woman behind the computer, sketchpad, and floral snips! 


As a dedicated creative entrepreneur, I’ve learned that a healthy, thriving business doesn’t have to be time consuming or stressful. See for yourself the way doing business can be efficient, prosperous, and creative by checking out my YouTube channel or podcast.


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Looking for professional help that’s affordable? I will help you increase your leads and sales, generate leads, create marketing that actually produces results, increase your revenue substantially, and position your business as the dominant force in your industry.


My group coaching will allow you to not only learn new business growth strategies from me, but also other small business owners with the same goals as you have for your own business. We will work together on these strategies because knowledge is pointless without using it.


The Online Learning Academy is a great place for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to grow their revenue and increase their profits. It provides expert knowledge, the flexibility of learning at your own pace, and a structured learning path to help you reach your goals faster.


There are Two Types of people...

1. Those who sit and watch their dream pass them by, and

2. Those who go forth and bring their vision to life.

If you're the second type of person, we're bound to be friends!

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