1:1 Strategy Coaching that puts you at ease and into action

Too often we try to do things on our own without having clear direction. That's where 1:1 Strategy Sessions comes into play.

My goal is to see you thrive through efficient and profitable steps that leave you feeling confident that you're moving in the right direction.

Download the Strategy Coaching Questionnaire

If you are wondering if you actually need coaching - you do.


1:1 Strategy Coaching

If you are a business owner or even just starting your floral business and you're looking for guidance, this is the place for you!
Often we need are working to "fix" our business instead of "developing" our business. For change to happen, it takes 3 things:
  • Patience
  • Commitment
  • Openness to Change
For business owners who seek personalized guidance, I’m happy to offer one to one strategy coaching to discuss the current state of your business and identify potential for your future growth. I will offer you actionable, honest and encouraging  feedback. 

What is "Strategy Coaching"?
It's essentially personal video sessions that give the opportunity to learn more about your business and see areas where you can use strategic ways to improve.  
The coaching is used to talk about where you need help and ways to get you to where you want to go. We can tackle specific struggles or areas of uncertainty in your business.
It may be as simple as creating an action plan for how you want to get started. (For instance, I can do an analysis of your brand including your website, or perhaps discuss how to improve your marketing strategy.) Perhaps, you need more insights on how to convert your leads into sales.
Or, maybe you need to start from the beginning with a complete business plan.  
Who is it for?
You may already know if a strategy session is right for you, but here’s who’ll benefit most:

• Experienced business owners who are at a cross-roads and need to make a big decision regarding a change in direction for their business.
• Designers or Entrepreneurs who have been struggling with the same uncertainties or doubts for 2 years or more.
• Cottage florists who want to take fewer events but book their ideal clients with larger budgets.
• Floral designers who do beautiful work but have never had a business mentor, never had experience working or running a shop.

How does it work?
Each session is unique, but here’s the gist:
• First, send me an email if you have burning questions that you need answered right away at [email protected]. Or, you can start by downloading Strategy Session questionnaire (above) about your business to help prompt you.
• Next, I’ll get back to you and we’ll arrange a time for our session. Assuming we’re a good fit, we’ll plan to speak for about an hour via Zoom. We will cover the topics that are of utmost importance for you! 
• Then, I’ll check out your website before we speak and have a look around. (During our 1:1 session I can offer feedback and some thoughts on the “first impression”. Customers make decisions about you in less than a minute! Your website needs your love and care.)
• Finally, we’ll talk. I’ll take on as many of your burning questions as I can in 1 hour. We can discuss a list of action items and I’m happy to answer follow-up questions you may have.
*Action items will be things to add to your to-do list. (And things to add to your pause or purge list.)
Strategy sessions are $199 for 1 hour.
Or, you can sign-up for a month-to-month package that is only $799 for 4 calls/month.
In return, I’ll invest my time and care into your business. I’ll review your deep dive answers, check out your current website (if you have one) before our session, and, then, we’ll chat at our scheduled time. Finally, I’ll provide an e-mail re-cap of our call with the action steps we discussed.
Once Strategy Coaching Session is schedules, you’ll receive an invoice via Paypal. Payment must be received at least 24 hours prior to our scheduled call.
Results are dependent upon YOUR involvement, so I cannot offer a money-back guarantee. However, I’m confident that our session will be productive and worthwhile.
If for any reason it turns out that we aren’t a good fit, or if I truly don’t feel I can be of significant service to you, I will refund 100% of your investment prior to our phone consultation. If I can point you toward someone who can help you, I’ll do that also.
I may decline a request for a session if a client isn’t a good fit at my sole/soul discretion. (This may be a gut decision.)
When Could We Start?
I do my best to accommodate your schedule, so I make some evenings and business hours available.
I’m located in Virginia so I’m on Eastern Standard Time. No matter where you are in the world, we can make it work.
I really do love to talk business, working with other entrepreneurs (especially in the floral industry). It is truly one of my very favorite things to do.